Thursday, June 17, 2010

Party Store

Here it is. This is what a Michigan party store is all about. Like a beacon- a large Labatt Blue sign so there's no confusion as to what could be stored in the coolers below the sign. Hostess snacks on the left. Coozies, styrofoam coolers, deer mount and plastic singing bass are located to the right while the beer is simply straight ahead.


Wendy Torello said...

I could never figure out why other states don't have these types of establishments. Why would you not want a place where you could get everything you need in one very thought out location. It alway seemed like a no brainer to me, yet outside of the mitten state these places are far and few between. ( Ohio has them but like to call them drive thrus, so really its a party in your car)

Keith said...

Excellent observation Wendy. I've never understood it either. In fact, I was going to call the title of my post, "Simple and effective" because basically that's what it is. A few decorations based on beer and the outdoors along with some basic necessities nearby and you've got a fantastic beer aisle.