Friday, June 11, 2010

Arbutus Lake

I'm always keeping my eyes out for something to take a photo of for the paper, separate from the daily assignments. Some days there are abundant photographic opportunities and it seems like other days, there are not so many. Usually I'll drive around town since it's a more "urban" setting and there's a better chance of people doing things. I also try to mix it up though by driving around in the rural areas in hopes of finding someone off the beaten path. It's a gamble because sometimes I drive and drive and don't see a soul. On this day though, I was driving around a small road near Arbutus Lake, a lake I've fished many times as a kid, and I came across this fisherman. I drove near the shore and saw him come out of a boathouse with a battery and a bucket. I thought, "bingo. here's my feature shot." Sometimes, I'll pull over and my subject won't want his/her photo taken. It happens rarely though. So this guy was more than happy to let me take his photo as he was getting ready to do some fishing. So I was able to grab a feature photo in an out-of-town area which reemphasized the fact that looking for photos in rural areas, when time allows for it, can be rewarding.

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