Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving Out

This is taken through my apartment door as the neighbors were moving some things out of their apartment tonight. It's been so busy I've had to resort to taking photos at my apartment ! It looked a little better in color. Sorry for the delay in posting. I've got some ok stuff on my film camera but it always takes me forever to shoot the film 'cause I'm always taking my time with every shot.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The World Series of Dog Shows ended today at Reliant Center in Houston so Moni and I went down there this morning to check it out. It was dog overload. Super cool though. When we walked inside the Great Dane showing was taking place so that was a sight to see. They looked like a bunch of horses. Lighting was pretty dim for photos but I ended up with a few here and there. Nothing too crazy. I posted this photo because after a couple hours this is just how I felt. Seemed like there was more to see just standing in one spot than by walking all over.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short Boxes

My best reasoning couldn't come up with an explanation for the shortness of these mailboxes. They're not even properly built. There is that one support on the left side there as if someone purposely built it not only short, but slanted. I spotted them while driving through the entrance to a small subdivision near Waller, TX.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Real Deal

Moni and I ate barbeque today, and I swear I heard trumpets of angles. It's a small place down the road from the apartment and I can say it's the best BBQ I've ever tasted. I'm not the greatest with words but if I was, I'm sure I still wouldn't be able to find the right ones to describe the experience at Dave's Rib Shack. We ended up sitting outside by the smoker and Harvey (the guy in the photo) came out and chatted with us. He's the cook and he's perfecting his craft for 'cue about 27 years. Harvey said, "If you're going to eat good barbeque, you've got to eat it where the smoke is at." So we did. We sweated it out in the hot Houston sun and ate ribs by the smoker where they cook the food.
Harvey was telling us about his days as a basketball player and the time he dunked on Joe Dumars (he has photo proof) of the Detroit Pistons. Great fella.
Anyway, if anyone that reads this is ever in Houston, Dave's Rib Shack is a must-stop destination.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This was in a small town just North of Houston.

Friday, July 03, 2009


They say all great things must come to an end. Soon my favorite, super cool Bob Seger t-shirt from 1978 is about to come to an end. It's not one of those shirts that are made to look old, it's the real deal. It celebrates a musical event that took place four months before the day of my birth. After I bought it five years ago on e-bay, I knew it's days were numbered. My decision was to either find a way to preserve it or to wear it loud and proud. In a way I've done both.
My decision was to wear it. I've spent some great times with friends, enjoyed many a delicious beer and relaxed in the Traverse City summer time in this shirt. And of course cranked up "Against the Wind" while driving with the windows down and wearing this t-shirt. But it's threads are wearing thin and the holes are not getting smaller so it's time for retirement is upon us.
So now I sort of get to preserve it. Although I'm bummed it's on its way out, I'm happy to be able to post it on my blog in all it's colorful glory.