Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Real Deal

Moni and I ate barbeque today, and I swear I heard trumpets of angles. It's a small place down the road from the apartment and I can say it's the best BBQ I've ever tasted. I'm not the greatest with words but if I was, I'm sure I still wouldn't be able to find the right ones to describe the experience at Dave's Rib Shack. We ended up sitting outside by the smoker and Harvey (the guy in the photo) came out and chatted with us. He's the cook and he's perfecting his craft for 'cue about 27 years. Harvey said, "If you're going to eat good barbeque, you've got to eat it where the smoke is at." So we did. We sweated it out in the hot Houston sun and ate ribs by the smoker where they cook the food.
Harvey was telling us about his days as a basketball player and the time he dunked on Joe Dumars (he has photo proof) of the Detroit Pistons. Great fella.
Anyway, if anyone that reads this is ever in Houston, Dave's Rib Shack is a must-stop destination.

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Emily Katelyn said...

-That is a monstrous sandwich
-That is a nice portrait