Monday, June 14, 2010

Grilled Cheese Competition

This is a grilled cheese sampler from yesterdays grilled-cheese competition. Best grilled cheese I've ever had. A person could choose four of six possible grilled cheese samples for $5 (a little pricey but they were amazing), and then two votes for the favorite ones. There were four on my plate in the photo but one quickly made it to my stomach. That one (not pictured) was grilled Havarti & Vermont cheddar with local asparagus- it was pretty good. Now I'll break down the three we have here. The one in front is some type of cheese and red pepper-not bad. The middle one is homemade walnut pesto & swiss on a local walnut bread. The unassuming one in the background was phenomenal, to say the least. If I would've known it was going to be as good as it was, I would've taken a better photo of it. Once I started eating it though there was no going back. It was made by Pearl's Restaurant in Elk Rapids. It had Andouille simmered collared greens with gouda, provolone, swiss & parmesan cheeses all between a Creole-seasoned sourdough bread. I didn't think it was possible to be excited over grilled cheese but that one proved it's possible.

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MonicaCrissman said...

Hey babe!
This picture looks so yummy! I'm glad you left it in color... I don't think black/white would have been the same. I wish I could have been there.... YUM