Monday, June 07, 2010


This is from a story we recently did on a local hotel that underwent a large renovation project. Sometimes a story comes along and I'll try to think how it could be portrayed visually. In this scenario however, I decided I'd just let fate play a hand in the expectations I'd have over my final pictures. Sometimes it's nice to go freestyle in that department. This photo won't be entered by me into any contests, but it is better than what I expected to end up with on this assignment.

The manager guided me through a few rooms and explained the variety of improvements that had been made. In the end it worked out good. While talking with the manager, I began to feel his excitement for having a renovated motel. "I've been here 10 years and it's nice to see some money being put back into the business," he said. I don't think the paper chose this photo, but I chose it because it reminds me of how much the manager cared for his hotel and it's presentation. I try to take a little something from each assignment these days, no matter what the level of potential visual stimulation it may or may not provide. From this assignment, I was happy for this hotel manager and excited for him that after his many years of no doubt hard work, he was able to feel a restored amount of pride in the newly renovated hotel.

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