Monday, January 18, 2010

The Return

After much thought, I'm heading to Traverse City, MI. Not a simple nor lightly-taken decision. The hardest decision I've ever had to make. I'll miss Moni as she continues her graduate studies in Miami. The abridged explanation is that Miami's (and everyone else's) job market has been tough and I feel like I can make a better go of things in TC. It will be great to see my family and friends again. I'm intent on staying positive and I'm looking forward to taking photos in and around my hometown.
This is a photo of some orange trees I passed while traveling along a road outside of Orlando.


Wendy Torello said...

Have a safe drive. It's good to have you back. I can't even begin to imagine your thought process. If your ever in town or just passing through feel free to stop by. John and I can always whip something up for dinner ands I'm sure you have tons of stories to be told. Keep your head high.

Keith said...

Thanks so much Wendy ! I appreciate it