Friday, January 22, 2010

Milligan Grocery

In between my Aunt's house in Florida and the interstate I was heading toward in Alabama, is a beautiful stretch of country. It's the type of land that might be taken for granted by those that live there, but looks serene to someone unfamiliar to the area, like myself. The struggle for me is to not get out of my car every 10 minutes to take photos of stuff. I passed this abandoned gas station/ grocery store in the southern backcountry. I turned around and took a few photos. It still had three old gas pumps that had those old rotary numbers for the gallons, price, etc. Structures like this make me think about how at one point there was nothing there. Then this gas station/grocery store is built. People, families and individuals work here, converse here and/ or pass through. Then one day it closes, vines grow and we're left with what we see today. To me that's the real beauty of it, the beauty that's almost impossible to capture, but wonderful to imagine.


alex said...

that looks like vintage Alabama. Almost making me homesick.

Keith said...

I hadn't realized how visual Alabama was until I ventured on some of those great back roads. Lots of great vintage and abandoned structures and old towns.

Anonymous said...

I actually grew up in this store as a kid. In the late 70's and early 80's it was "clary's Bag & Drag".....lots of good memories. They are tearing it down today.