Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cotton Country

Earlier this week I arrived back to TC. I wanted to include this photo from my trip through Alabama though because I'm not used to seeing cotton fields. To me it was unique. It's surreal to me how in less than 24 hours a person can drive through mild temperatures, also through such a variety of landscapes, and then arrive in Michigan's blustery winter weather. It's one of the reasons I love driving. Right after I took this photo and got back into my car, there was some type of morning show with a couple of guys talking about the proper way to cook frog legs. "If you cook 'em too long they'll toughen up on ya!" That's what the one fella said. It struck a funny chord in me since it's so 'southern'.
My family used to take a lot of road trips from Michigan to Florida. As as only child, and as a child who lived during the pre-" DVD player in the car" days, looking outside was my window to the world and my source of entertainment. I loved it. I get the same feeling today when I'm just driving down the road on a trip.

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