Monday, May 10, 2010


I love cool dogs. I also love taking pictures of them. It seems like each one I encounter has a unique personality, or quirk, of some sort. This dog was awesome. My car was giving me some attitude so I took it to a garage this morning. When I pulled up, the owner was inside. His car was out front with the doors and hatch open and this dog taking it easy. When I inquired about the black lab in front, he said it's name was 'Bacon' and that it was a good dog. Apparently, Bacon just has the run of the car while it's owner is inside. The backseat is probably more comfortable than anything in the auto shop. Most dogs would give a week's worth of milk bones for one car ride and this dog gets to be in the car all day, not a bad gig. Anyway, this is Bacon-a cool dog.

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