Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White House

This combination of the white house and car is something that appealed to me in an "off the beaten path" and " Michigan slice of life" sort of way. To me, scenes like this tell stories. Not a dramatic, interesting or prize-winning story; but a story in the simplest sense of the word. People pass this place every day and probably don't give it a second thought, or first thought for that matter. However, various details explain small bits of information. The stacked-wood pile, which partially blocks a front window, is nicely stocked so it would appear this individual has decided on a very cost-effective heating method- either by choice or necessity. Every window is curtain-covered except the one in the top right corner; why? Meanwhile, the car and the house appear to have some type of agreement that despite their state of datedness and slight disrepair, they will maintain their stark white color.


Ryan J. Stanton said...

Such an artiste!

Keith said...

haha- Hey Ryan, it's been a while. Thanks for looking at my photos and I hope everything's going well with you