Wednesday, March 03, 2010


This week I began freelancing for the Traverse City Record-Eagle, my hometown paper. It's fun shooting stuff for the Eagle because it's the first paper I ever remember reading or seeing. My mom still has the Record-Eagle issue from the day I was born. It's a picture of the Traverse City High School football team winning the state championship. So tonight I was able to shoot the TC hockey team. They lost but it's still nice to somewhat get back to the roots.


Wendy Torello said...

Thumbs up on the freelancing. I'm so happy to see you are making this work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for lots more jobs.

Keith said...

Thanks ! Love your latest photo of Joey- that's one amazing camera !

brYan said...

great frame there King! Did you light this or is that all-natural beauty? my sports very rarely have this kind of "moment" in them ... the shame (ha ha)

Keith said...

Thanks Bryan! no light here. This rink is weird. The light over the goalie happens to be a little stronger than the rest of the lights. So I underexposed it a bit to make that lighting nuance recognizable. Also, it seems like every light in the rink is a different color temperature, so that makes toning for color not so fun. Hence the black & white. The crowd in the back didn't have much light anyway so I burned the shadows back there and dodged some highlights.

And that's crap about your sports photos not having a cool "moment", I've seen them !

Have a good one chief and I'll talk to you soon.