Monday, September 17, 2007


Driving through Royal Oak I was surprised to see this car next to this car shop just because they both looked circa 1960's. I've never been happy with the composition of this photo but I only had the 50mm on me and to square up everything I would've had to stand in a busy road. This is another film shot which makes it fun, i've been using some film lately because Wal-Mart processes it and puts it onto a CD (around 6-7 MB/ ea. photo) for less than $5.

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kim said...

I dunno Mr. King...I kinda like the composition and the simplicity of it - the oldness of both the car and the station almost make it look like it was SHOT in the 60's or 70's - knowing it was on film adds to it, too. anyhoo, all for now - I added you as a link on my page - don't know if i gave you mine - it's - take a gander...i've been trying to post pretty regularly and am working on a feature project.....later King