Monday, November 26, 2012

Barbershop with a Boar's Head

It seems like the more I want to take photos of a bustling city or new exciting place, the more I find myself in an environment that's the opposite of that. On my days off I'm often fixing my car and taking care of errands which also cuts into my wandering for photography. It's ok though because when I submit to the notion that I don't need to travel to some distant exciting land to take pictures, I find my photographic outings, however fleeting they might be, are fun and fulfilling. While walking through East Jordan yesterday, the town was mostly void of people. This barbershop scene caught my eye through the storefront window. That wall on the back is very typical Michigan (and I'm sure other states have them also) with the oddities. There's a boar's skull, next to another skull of an animal, pictures of fish and there are also some snowshoes. Of course there's a small circle of chairs to the right where I'm sure most of the world's problems are solved.

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