Sunday, September 23, 2012

The General

These are friends here as we were helping my buddy Brent, second from right, put up a fence in his back yard. The 2-person hole digger on the right there, operated by Brent and his father, is the Honda 330- the General. It was the subject of some smirks of amazement by those who weren't operating it, and the object of utmost respect by those who were. Once fired up, the General just wanted to dig. From a spectators point of view, the only thing keeping it from boring a hole to China were the four handles and two people using them and even then a hole to China didn't fully seem out of the question. A shout of "DOWN!," then a shout of "UP!," and then the post. I'm returning this morning to help with round 2. I like it, it reminds me my childhood when my Dad would have people over to help with building our garage. Family and friends helping one another. Like pioneers, except we have the Honda 330 hole digger- the General.

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