Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This place has been on my blog before. It's the old Barney's general store which was an old general/candy store located down the dirt road from the farm that my mom grew up on. I remember going in there once, maybe twice, when I was pretty small and I wish I had a camera with me at that time. I remember how it looked inside and I remember Barney. My aunts and uncles would go there as would my cousins who also live nearby. I was recently there again and I love this old place. It has aesthetic but more importantly to me, sentimental value. I'm sure I'll take many more photos of this place as long as it's still standing. One of the beautiful aspects of life is that the possibility of everyone having their "Barney's general store" is out there. A place that has a special feeling because of history, family ties or maybe it's for no reason at all. It could be somewhere you've been many times or somewhere you've just arrived to or maybe even somewhere you'd like to go. It could be one place or many places. It's just nice to have that place.


Anonymous said...

This old store is literally just down the street from my house. I always thought it was interesting looking.

Keith King said...

I agree- I try to take a picture of it whenever I'm nearby. I'd love to see the inside but I have a wonderful memory of how it looked the last time I was in there-when Barney was working there- and I don't want to tarnish the image.