Wednesday, August 04, 2010


As I was driving back to the office the other day, with the rare luxury of no assignments immediately following, I came across a dirt road. There are lots of them around, but something was different about this one. In the simplest terms, it looked old and it disappeared into nowhere. I decided to check it out. Most times, these small exploratory adventures turn up nothing. After driving a half mile through some washed out areas, I was about to turn back, until I saw an old house. I parked and when I exited my car, a vulture that was perched on the chimney, flew away. It would have been a cool picture but I didn't have my camera in hand yet. I walked into the house and was taking pictures. There was an old staircase that begged to be climbed. When I was halfway up, the upstairs became more visible, and I was surprised to see the walls covered in what appeared to be old newspaper. What surprised me even more were two vultures that were resting at the top of a ladder. After a few pictures, I climbed down the ladder and left.

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