Monday, July 05, 2010

Drag Strip

Many fine stories have been told by my Dad regarding a stretch of pavement slightly longer than a quarter-mile, near the town he grew up. Automobiles and drivers would gather here to put their horsepower (more or less-depending on the automobile) to the test. The time, a good while back, that my Dad showed me the drag strip he and his friends used to use, is still etched into my memory. I remember how it looked, with trees on both sides and a starting line evidenced by tire-rubber burn marks of differing lengths and dimensions. Although, there were probably much fewer tire marks on the track when I saw it back then, than there were it its prime.
The other day I stopped by to see what was left of the area. The drag strip was gone and there were an abundance of small trees and dirt mounds-an obvious attempt to thwart any future races. The only sign of the drag strip gone by, was this lone patch of pavement. If a person had a good imagination, it would be slightly possible to picture cars and their drivers, roaring down the quarter of a mile.

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