Friday, April 09, 2010

Cedar Sign

The sign states "Reduce Speed" which would be a necessity to read the information on the signs. Some towns celebrate their athletic accomplishments. Cedar, MI celebrates the birthplace of the 1987 National Cherry Queen. Cedar is a great little town. It's a little ironic that a Cherry Queen is from there because Cedar is also home to the annual Polka Festival, which takes place at the same time as the Cherry Festival. Most of the locals who want to avoid the cherry-crazy mayhem head for Polka Fest.
I enjoy how the National Cherry Queen factoid is only matched by the Cedar-Maple City Lions Club and their meeting time... which is the 2nd & 4th Monday, 6:45, at the Lions Community Building.


brYan said...

well, i guess they put it all out there don't they. nice observation kdazzle!

Keith said...

Much appreciated chief!