Thursday, February 11, 2010

Traverse Colantha Walker

UPDATE: I know a lot about the area but this is a first. Today while looking over some history on the State Hospital, I came across some info that a world-champion cow was buried there. Along with cows, the State Hospital also had orchards of fruit and gardens of vegetables. I had no idea about this bovine burial site though. I fired up the Subaru and drove down there. The exact location of the site was a mystery to me so I headed in the direction of the buildings that were once the livestock barns. I drove up a small incline and there it was. Nestled between two large pine trees was the granite gravestone of Traverse Colantha Walker, overlooking the fields she once roamed. The numbers speak for themselves. 200,114.9 pounds of milk, 7,525.8 pounds of butterfat and nine lactations. That was one happy cow. TCW you are the standard by which all other Holstein-Friesian dairy cows will be judged.


Linsey said...

This is great! Nice find!

Keith said...

Thanks Linsey. A small hidden treasure of Americana for sure.