Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last night a friend asked me if I had any horse pictures. Simple enough question. It had me thinking though. I've been on countless assignments with horses AT the assignments. Yet, I had the hardest time finding pictures with just a horse. How could I be a photographer and not have a horse picture ?! I feel like I was so focused on including people in the photos, that I neglected to simply get photos of horses. I'm not saying I need to take beautiful horse pictures all the time. However, my friends question and my search for specific photos brought to light my mindset while I was on assignment. It seems like I felt programmed to include someone/anyone in a photograph and wouldn't really take in the nuances of a scene in their entirety, or I guess, the main elements of a scene in their entirety. When I first started photography, I was a photographer first and journalist second. Then it went the other way around. It's different for everyone. The fun part for me is doing a little of both as best I can, and remembering to enjoy myself as much as possible in the process. This horse picture is from my first internship at the Monroe Evening News.


Maggie said...

Your the best! and this is a great pic! From your Friend! Maggie

Keith said...

Hey Maggie, thanks for the compliment and for checking out my photos ! I hope you and your family are doing great !