Thursday, August 27, 2009


We've got plenty of Coconut Palms in the neighborhood so Moni and I grabbed this one that had fallen down the street from us.
Tom Hanks makes opening a coconut look easy in the movie 'Castaway'. This one took took us a bit more time. The coconut is actually the nut which is housed in a larger seed. Getting the nut out of that seed is a great challenge. I'm sure it's easier with the right tool but we just had a hammer.
The white part (coconut meat) is actually good. The coconut water inside is drinkable but I wouldn't order a glass. It's neat living in an area where coconuts are all around and don't taste half bad. Don't get me wrong, absolutely nothing compares to fresh northern Michigan cherries in the summer, but I'll take a fresh coconut since they're available.


Wendy Torello said...

Your making more pictures again. I'm happy to see it.

Keith said...

Thanks Wendy. There's so much going on in this town its visual overload. I should be posting photos every day ! Hopefully I'll be able to find an interesting/quirky local event or something. Looks like you had some fun shooting the daytime football. nice work