Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been shooting mostly film so when it's processed, I'll have some of those up. These photos are from the Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin, TX (just south of Houston). After visiting here, it'll be difficult to go to a zoo since this was so fun. Once you pay admission and for a bucket of food, you drive up the road further to the parking lot. However, in the meantime animals welcome themselves inside your vehicle to get the bucket of food. It's more like a contest to see how much food you're left with by the time you reach the parking lot. Those pellets are like cocaine for animals. We had ostriches and llamas chasing my Subaru up the drive. This is a common eland (native on the African plains, I googled it), and shortly prior to taking food from Moni's hand, it drooled on me through the sunroof.
The other photo was inside a barn on the premises. Hopefully the live animals outside don't get a look at what goes on in there. Those stuffed critters looked like they were from the '70s with about three inches of dust on them.

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