Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wings' fans

I was in downtown Detroit last week for the sweltering Red Wings celebration. This is a group of people waiting for the parade to begin at the corner of Gratiot and Woodward which is where I was standing. Once the parade began and players started going by, it was absolute mayhem. However, I got there two hours early and had an ok spot. It was shaded by the buildings, it was next to an emergency exit which had to be kept clear (which was nice) then they set up a free water bottle station right there. It was a sweet spot ! Anyhow, I should have some better photos on my other roll of film, but I've yet to get the roll developed.

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Emily Katelyn said...

Hey Keith, it's Emily, you're once-Grand Blanc roommate. I saw this photo and it caught my eye because I am always in Detroit doing this and that. Add me to your list of bloggers and give me some feedback some time!