Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here are some more photos from Vegas. It was 100 degrees a couple of the days we were there and it was like walking through a furnace, especially coming from Michigan. I spent a couple days just wandering around taking photos which was fun but after a while I'd find myself quite a distance from the hotel. Then there wasn't a bench to sit on or anything. The only seat that could be found was inside a casino in front of a slot machine. That's Vegas for you.
The suitcase is something I found for free at a garage sale and took as my only luggage (carry-on) for the trip. The security lady at the airport thought it was pretty cool. Apparently it was so cool she handed it off to another security agent to look through it. The old casino sign was just something I saw while walking and it reminded me a lot of the town. Everything has to be the newest and the best and if it's not then it's not good enough. The escalator shot is a shot I took while riding up as they were coming down.

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Emily Katelyn said...

I dig the suite case shot.