Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Some of my fondest memories are in Hubbard Lake, MI (near Alpena) which is where my mom grew up. My cousin used to say I better not look for a girls around there 'cause chances are we're related. Well anyhow, my cousin got married a short while ago (to an unrelated girl-she's super cool) and that gave me the chance to drive around a little. The thing about this area is that if you step outside, you can hear absolutely nothing. It's spooky and peaceful all at the same time. Mostly peaceful. When there's not a Wal-Mart for miles, you know you're in the country. When I was around 10 years old I was one of the last customers to go to Barney's (this general store) on the corner of the road where my mom grew up. My mom used to get candy here when she was young also and from the same guy. Needless to say Barney passed away but I thought it was cool that the place was at least still there.


Vikki said...

Anywhere near Alpena there's likely to be inner-family relationships. Barney's though! I've seen it before. I have a cabin in Hillman and had friends that moved to Hubbard Lake. Nice blog - love your work.

Sherryle said...

Barney's sister,Maxine,and he ran the store for over 40 years at least. Anyone out there know for sure how long they ran the store there parents gave them? They were both very nice people, Barney was more outgoing than Maxine, who was much more shy. We enjoyed our many candy escapades to barney's store. I lived almost a mile from thier store from age 5-17,then I went to college in Traverse City, Mich. Me,my older brother,ED,and my little sister Debbie,enjoyed our escapes from work. I also chose to walk from that spot off the bus home with a neighbor,Sharon, who was a lot taller, two grades ahead and could REALLY speed walk. She also lived another 3/4 mile past our house. We really enjoyed it. So safe back then,only 4 neighbors houses to walk by. Way too much fun. Sherryle