Monday, October 22, 2007

Ain't no party like a chippewa party

I've missed posting photos, I was in Dallas visiting my girlfriend so it feels like forever since I've gotten to post on the 'Octpob' ('Island' in Russian pronounced in English- Ostrov). It was an awesome time, Texas is a great state. Now down to business.
This is from the Central Michigan University homecoming toward the end of September. It's 35 mm and a lot of the photos have been coming back to me overexposed so I'm hoping it's a Wal-Mart mistake and not my camera's. The second photo is from Houston, it's a taco stand somewhat similar to Taco Jose* (*see earlier post on Taco Jose's insanely delicous tacos) except this one is 'El Taco Llenito' and is a vehicle, while Taco Jose is a trailer. Anyway, both tacos were the best. I didn't see one taco stand in dallas, although I'm sure they've got at least one. So I was dissapointed. However, they had tons of other good food (Buffalo Burgers..etc.).

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brYan said...

ah man! i was AT homecoming - looks like i sat about three section over from you too! darn, we could've hung out - didn't think to mention i was going! my fault