Sunday, August 19, 2007

Levi in TC

This is a friend of mine Levi Britton. He's from Traverse City, but he's been playing in an awesome band called Down The Line. He was playing in downtown Traverse City for an event called Friday Night Live where the streets are closed off and people can walk around, eat food, watch artists and have a good time. Levi tore it up and played an awesome set. I took the photo right when he started playing but as time went on there was a good sized audience watching him.

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brYan said...

K dazzle, whatBEhappenin. seeing this photo reminds me of campfires and guitar in mOnroe ... miss having you around for jam sessions ... its just not the same anymore. hey, so this is sort of a business call. doug and deb have heard about the times' "preps plus" magazine and they would like a couple of copies. would you mind sending them to me? i'd look like a hero, and i know you want that ... don't you! just two copies - i'll pay the $.50 and postage. 20 W. front street Monroe, MI 48161. thanks King.