Monday, July 23, 2007


This fella approached me from across the street and said he saw me earlier but I "dusted" him, which I thought was a cool term that I'm sure will find it's way into my vocabulary. It's pushing 80 degrees in this photo and this guy's got on a jacket and, as I'm told, Dora the Explorer wristbands. Anyway, he asks how I'm doing and I said, "busy". He says, "me too. Jimmy Carter, Star Trek and New York." So right there I was confused. Then he asks my name (Keith), my sign (Sagittarius), what state I'm from (Michigan) and the year I graduated High School ('97). I answered because I was so intrigued. So then he said, "Oh wow, you're a KSM97, I havn't met a KSM97 in a long time." I told him I had a job to do and that I had to leave... then we parted ways.

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